Vision, Mission and Values

The Victorian 86 BRZ Club is a not-for-profit association established in 2013 soon after the Twins were released on the market. Our vision is one of inclusion and community. We want to create a space for all owners to feel comfortable, regardless of why you bought the car. Stock, modified or other we want you all to feel welcome and encourage you all to take part in our events.

The mission of the club is to work together as a community to deliver opportunities for all our members to be involved in and contribute to, the club’s growth and to ensure that all our members are catered for as best we can. To do this we ask for your contributions and welcome all feedback and suggestions and encourage you all to take part in assisting to shape the future of the club.

The club values are simple and we expect everyone to respect and follow them at all times on our Facebook page or when involved in one of our events. If you join the Victorian 86/BRZ club, we expect you to treat others with respect, be sensible, always think of the safety of yourselves and others, provide a place free of judgement, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Social Events

The club is devoted to running a range of social meets which caters to our social and financial members. Some of our meets include monthly meets at various locations around Melbourne, picnic days, cruises and the occasional movie night or pool night. Keep an eye on our clubs Facebook page where all our events are listed.

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Motorsport Events

The 86/BRZ was made for motorsport and the club wants to offer the opportunity for our members to take part is as many motorsport activities as possible. Our association with CAMS enables financial members to get CAMS licenses to take part in motorsport. The club has partnerships with the WRX club and MSCA and we run motorkhanas throughout the year with the hope to offer more variety as we expand.

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The club offers a variety of merchandise for our followers to proudly display your part of our community and to help raise funds for our events. We try to refresh our merchandise offering each year. 

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