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Motorsport can seem like a big leap, but if you own a car, you'd be surprised just how accessible it can be!

Motorsport is fun, but can also be dangerous, you are expected to behave responsibly at all times and especially when behind the wheel.

The 86,BRZ and their successors, the GR86 and Gen 2 BRZ were made for motorsport. The club wants to offer the opportunity for our members to take part is as many motorsport activities as possible. Our association with Motorsport Australia (MA, formerly CAMS) enables financial members to get their MA Speed licences to take part in motorsport.

The club aims to run several events throughout the year. Starting with motorkhanas but with the hope to offer more variety as opportunities arise.

We have partnerships with the Impreza WRX Club Victoria and Skylines Australia, Victoria (SAU) and hope to see some more "twins" out at their events.

As a registered business and a non-profit organisation, our events have public liability insurance, as well as Motorsport Australia insurance (both included in your membership). This is not to be confused with your personal "car" insurance and coverage.

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