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Come to any of our events and find one of the committee members, we'll be happy to help you out with any queries you have.


Can I get a MA Speed license if I join the club?
Yes, if you are a financial member of the club, you are able to sign up for a Speed licence with MA.
You must be a member of a MA affiliated club for your licence to be valid.
What does a membership cost? $60 per year and an additional $15 first-time joining fee.
A 3-year renewal is discounted to $150
Where do the membership fees go?
The fees go towards our MA affiliation, venue hire fees and event costs, food and supplies for picnic days and merchandise costs.
What do I need to do to prepare for a trackday or other motorsport? We have a page dedicated to introducing people to motorsport: LINK
What help can I offer the club? The club is always keen for help running events or officiating for our motorsports. If you would like to help please email us
How can I become a MA Official?
If you are keen to become an official, please consider registering with MA for the basic officiating training:
All that is required for the base level is the completion of a form and a working with children check
Both of which are free to do.

We would love to see more people get on board and help us run motorsport events. Volunteers and officials are what make running events possible for our members, so the more people we have, the easier it is to run events.

For those that are keen to delve deeper into more detailed roles (which the club also needs more of), there are a series of online courses to get you started for roles like a clerk of course, event admin, scrutineer etc.
You can register here -
Can I still compete/participate in the Motorkhana if I am an official on the day? Yes. Please let the team know of your intention to do both and we will support you to make it happen and ensure you don’t miss out!
Why should I sign up to the club?
Primarily so that you can get your MA Speed Licence.
Secondly so that you get discounted entry to our events.
Please refer to the membership page for more details.

As a registered business and a non-profit organisation, our events have public liability insurance, as well as Motorsport Australia insurance (both included in your membership). This is not to be confused with your personal "car" insurance and coverage.

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