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The club is devoted to running a range of social events that cater to all our members.

Keep an eye on our club calendar and our Facebook page ( where all our events are announced.

If you have any suggestions of where to go or what to do for a club outing, we'd love to hear from you!

We have club meets at various locations around Melbourne, cruises and occasionally other events when opportunities arise.

A meet typically consists of meeting in a carpark somewhere on a weeknight and having dinner together.

We have a few regular places we visit, but are always looking for new spots to try out!

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The 86 and BRZ are among the best handling cars in the world, and being considerably cheaper than a Porsche or Lotus, that makes them one of the best bang-for-buck FUN cars out there!

We haven't got a lot of power it's true, but we more than make up for it in the corners!

That's why we like to explore the tight and winding roads out of town and avoid the traffic. We like to feel the flow of the road and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

A cruise is usually on the weekend (though sometimes after a meet) where we meet somewhere and head out on a drive in convoy.

We usually try to host a cruise every month or two and try to have a bit of variety in where we go.

They can be as short as just an hour or two around some local roads, a few hours usually ending somewhere for lunch before parting ways, and sometimes all day cruises where we can explore places a bit further afield.

Sometimes however, there are places worth exploring that are too far to drive in a day, so sometimes we might do an overnight or multi-day trip to somewhere more remote, finding the best driving roads the country has on offer! (for more, see Mountain Marathons)

As a registered business and a non-profit organisation, our events have public liability insurance, as well as Motorsport Australia insurance (both included in your membership). This is not to be confused with your personal "car" insurance and coverage.

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