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The Victorian 86/BRZ Club is a not-for-profit association established in 2013, soon after the 'Twins' were released on the market. Our vision is one of inclusion and community. We want to create a space for all owners to feel comfortable, regardless of why you bought the car. Stock, modified, race, rally or other, we want you all to feel welcome and encourage you to take part in our events.

Hosting a wide range of events such as motorkhana days, meet ups and cruises, the Vic 86/BRZ Club provides its members with many opportunities to get out and have fun in their cars.

Our members are passionate about their cars and motorsport, as well as their club community.

Vision, Mission and Values

The mission of the club is to work together as a community to deliver opportunities for all our members to have fun with their cars.

We want to ensure that all our members are catered for and supported as best we can so that they feel empowered to get involved in and contribute to the club’s growth.

To do this we ask for your contributions and welcome all feedback and suggestions. We encourage you all to take part in assisting to shape the future of the club.

The club values are simple and we expect everyone to respect and follow them at all times, either on our Facebook page or involved in one of our events. If you join the Victorian 86/BRZ Club, we expect you to treat others with respect, be sensible, always think of the safety of yourselves and others, provide a place free of judgement, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

MEet your committee 

The driving force behind the club is the committee which is made up of dedicated volunteers. The committee are nominated within the club based on their strengths and skills. The aim of the committee is to help run and facilitate the smooth operation behind the scenes to ensure the club meets all of our requirements to continue as an association and not for profit. Foremost, we want to ensure you enjoy your time within the group.

As a registered business and a non-profit organisation, our events have public liability insurance, as well as Motorsport Australia insurance (both included in your membership). This is not to be confused with your personal "car" insurance and coverage.

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