The Victorian 86 BRZ Club is proud to be affiliated with CAMS. As a CAMS affiliated club, the club and its members get access to a range of benefits listed below taken from the CAMS website.

The affiliation also means as a financial member of our club, you are able to apply for a CAMS license allowing you to participate in motorsport events.

Some of the benefits that clubs affiliated with CAMS include:-

  • Access to CAMS' Sport and Club Development Officers in each jurisdiction, to service and support clubs.
  • Upskilling members of your club by providing access to business planning resources, club workshops, volunteer and governance training.
  • Officials' training modules offered to member clubs covering risk management, safety, emergency response and many aspects of event management and control.
  • Attracting new members through CAMS-supported participation programs including come & try days and Junior Development Programs.
  • Retaining members by providing access to competitions of all levels.
  • Assistance with locating funding programs & application processes.
  • Representation of member clubs to the government in all matters relating to motoring laws, regulations and programs.
  • Event promotion in CAMS state and national calendars (online and hard copy).
  • Promotional support for selected events or other club activities.
  • Access to CAMS' National Insurance Coverage   (including public liability).  All motorsport & some social events staged by a CAMS-affiliated club will require a CAMS permit to be issued for this coverage to be in force.

If you would like any more information around CAMS and what they do please check out their website here.