The Victorian 86/BRZ Club is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, consisting of 600+ group members who share their passion for racing and their cars.

Hosting a wide range of events such as race days, meet ups and cruises, the VIC 86/BRZ Club provides its members with many opportunities to showcase their cars.

Our members are passionate about their cars and motorsport,
as well as their club community.

Meet Your Committee

The driving force behind the club is the committee which is made up of dedicated volunteers. The committee are nominated within the club based on their strengths and skills. The aim of the committee is to help run and facilitate the smooth operation behind the scenes to ensure the club meets all of our requirements to continue as an association and not for profit. Foremost, we want to ensure you enjoy your time within the group.

Paul 'Moz Wah' Morris


My interests in the club are around creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere where people feel comfortable to be part of the community.  My goal is to build a space where we can build relationships and enjoy what we are here for our love of the 86 and BRZ. So firstly welcome to our club page and thanks for taking a look and hope to see you at one of our events.

I got my BRZ new in 2013 after a 6-month wait. For me, it was love at first sight. I loved the styling and look of it and the way it drove. This car is my first foray into sports cars and I feel it is a great car to step into and learn about the various dynamics of a car.  

While modifying the car was not my first intention after a couple years I started modifying it and that continues to this day. I love the customisation and the options available for these cars so I can give it a personality and make it my own.

Ayjan AJ Balikel

Vice President

The journey all started in 2015 when I first laid eyes on the Toyota 86, it was love at first sight!

It did not take long before I found out about modifications for cars and started to go crazy with the modifications starting from wheels to a turbo charger, unfortunately the 86 was not practical for my day to day life and I have since sold it to another owner, it was a sad day letting the 86 go but the memories and joys from the car will always stay with me.

Mae Lin Han


When I first test drove the 86, I remember thinking, so this is what driving a car should feel like! I drove on my own for a while, but really wanted to share this passion with others. I found the VIC 86BRZ club, and at first was unsure of joining because I wasn’t the typical car enthusiast. However, I found the atmosphere to be inclusive and friendly. Modified or stock, male or female, young or old, you feel welcomed - all you need is a love for the 86/BRZ and you’re in! There’s nothing quite like cruising the twisty roads of Victoria, with 86/BRZs to the front and 86/BRZs in the rear-view mirror. The social events are also a great opportunity to meet others. So, if you love your car, I look forward to meeting you at one of our meets. Just look for the bunch of people who are admiring the line of beautifully crafted cars with a look most save for their other half. Yup, that’s us!

Gino Zhi-Yong Lee


Gino “G. / Dances With Walls” Lee, el Tesorero ;
• Hard Driver, • 峠 (TōuGé) Addict, • Skidpan Hoonigan, • Track Day junky.

Profession /Day Job: Finance Analyst

Likes: Driving… Hard! (Car Club Social TōuGé Cruises, Motor Sports).

Dislikes: Hard Parking, Stance Nation, We Are Likewise dildo gear shift knobs.

Why the [ZN6] 'Hachi-Roku' (86): Closest thing to Lotus Elise handling for fraction of the price (Smiles Per Hour over Miles Per Hour).

Why the (Vic.86/BRZ) Club: Can’t be bothered with other (AE)86 clubs banging-on about ancient 4A-GE’s.

Dan Madden

Motorsport Coordinator

I came here to grow beards and do skids, and I already grew a beard.

If you’re a veteran of Motorsport or never kicked a clutch in anger, Myself and the dedicated Motorsports team are here to provide you with a welcoming environment to do silly things in cars.

Hope to see you at our meets and picnics, or better yet see you out on the skid pan really enjoying your car (or just riding shotgun) while keeping your license. (not my actual hair)

MJ Ritchie

Motorsport Coordinator

MJ knows next to nothing about cars, but when it comes to events, she is a pro. Rounding out the Motorsports crew, MJ brings many years of experience to the team, helping to create awesome days out on the track for our club members and friends to enjoy.

Katie Dever

Administrative Support

My flirtatious affair with our BRZ began over the internet, ogling pictures of a never-before released car. Chasing reviews and media snaps of the twins, the anticipation grew and we had to have one. Since the inaugural club meeting with all the founding members in 2013, I knew I was caught up in something special. The wonderful people I met that day infected me with an enthusiasm and sense of community - I wanted to be part of the birth of this club and be around good people brought together by their love of the Twins.

Jakob Goodman

Administrator and Moderator

I first became a fan of the 86 when i got my license but as I couldn't afford one it had to wait until Feb 2018 when I brought a blue 2012 86 with big plans for the car i hope to bring fun and adrenaline filled drives/meets and I aim to be the loudest and most obnoxious 86 in Victoria and possibly Australia.

Jeremy Kosth

Administrator and Moderator

Ever since I saw the 86 and BRZs, I’ve been in love ever since. The daily commute is the best part of my day and the well organised meets are the best part of my month. I’m in this for the long run hoping to own many 86s and meet many like minded, awesome people in this community.